Nanxiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Street is open to public on Heping Street.儲存 It is between two famous tourism attractions, Nanxiang Ancient Street and Guyi Garden.The street, part of the international healthy community being shaped in Jiading, consists of a row of ancient-style buildings, a medical herb garden, a TCM culture gallery and a TCM culture exhibition hall. The hall will be completed next year.Traditional TCM clinics such as Li Renxin Hall, Zhu's One Finger Zen and Famous Senior TCM Clinic are decorated in ancient style.In Li Renxin Hall for example, with black bricks on the ground, traditional medical herbs cabinet stands迷你倉along the wall, wooden table and chairs in the center of the hall.That makes visitors feel as though they have traveled back to the old times. Guests can also enjoy a medicinal tea from a big wooden barrel while waiting for service.The TCM experience area in the street is another attraction.In the area, medicine products are displayed while health lectures, herbal medicine tasting and healthy cooking events are held regularly.Another highlight of the street is the Ancient Books Room. In the room, visitors can read books of various medical cases and classic TCM books such as "Ben Cao Gang Mu," or the "Compendium of Materia Medica" free of charge.self storage
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